Kick in the Eye specialises in handmade chain.

This means that each link has been coiled from sterling silver wire, saw pierced into individual jump rings, linked together one by one, soldered securely at each join, shaped, and then polished to a reflective finish.

The process is time consuming to create, but leaves you with a unique, quality considered chain. Each product may have it's own character flaws and imperfections as for its handmade nature.

All Kick in the Eye chains are extremely durable and ready to last a lifetime. 

Five versions of handmade chain are available: Original, Slim, Small, Large and Multi.




The ORIGINAL chain has a lovely weight to it and is the heaviest version of Kick in the Eye's range. Each link measures approx. 8mm wide and 10mm in length, created from 2mm wire. The 40cm Original Link Chain and 50cm Original Link Chain Necklace are pictured.




The SLIM link chain is Kick in the Eye's most popular version of chain. It is created to the same dimensions as the Original Link Chain but is instead made from 1.5mm wire - making it nearly half weight and a much lighter feel. Each link measures approx. 6mm wide and 10mm in length. The 40cm Slim Link Chain and 50cm Slim Link Chain Necklace are pictured.


The SMALL link chain is the most subtle of the range, being nearly half the size of the Slim and Original links. It is made with 1.5mm sterling silver wire and each link measures approx. 4mm wide and 7mm long. The 40cm Small Link Chain is pictured.


The LARGE link chain has the chunkiest look to it - with it's links being nearly double the length of the Original & Slim, and nearly triple the size of the Small links. It is created with 2mm wire and each link measures approx. 9mm wide and 19mm long.  The 40cm Large Link Chain is pictured.



The MULTI link chain necklace is created with all four versions of Kick in the Eye's chain types - the Original, Slim, Small and Large links. Each chain is created with random groupings of differentiating links, making each of these products unique to the next. The 40cm Multi Link Chain is pictured in sterling silver and 18ct. Gold plated. 




The image below shows a comparison of the 40cm, 50cm & 60cm lengths. The Multi Link Chain Necklaces are pictured.



All sterling silver chains have the option of being plated in 18ct. Gold (or 9ct. Gold if requested). Plating is the process where a layer of gold is fused to the very outer layer of metal through electroplating. This fine layer will eventually wear to a lighter gold and through extended use of the jewellery it may reveal the original sterling silver metal underneath. This may take months or years to diminish depending on how often the product is worn and what state it is kept in. It can always be re-plated again. For a solid gold quote please get in contact through email. 


All chains are polished to a bright shiny reflective finish. Due to the nature of sterling silver metal, this highly polished finish will relax through extended wear and become more of a muted shine. It is common for sterling silver metal to eventually form a darkened patina tarnish as for general chemical reactions through skin or air over time - however this can be cleaned off.